Talking video booklet

The Latest in Video Technology
Our video modules are the latest, high resolution TFT / LCD specification and available in many different sizes, including high impact 4.3” widescreen and the latest 7” hi-tech version with touch screen technology.

Our talking brochures and booklets include extra memory to allow for larger files and the option of up to six video downloads in one presentation.

With a built-in, high power rechargeable battery pack, every unit has a USB connection for charging, uploading and downloading.


Imagine a 7" video screen to present your message



Have a new product? What better way to introduce the new features?
Your customers are listening - What do you have to say?






Pricing depends on the following

How many pages do you want in your booklet?

Full color printing on both sides of each page?

How many different videos in the 1 booklet?

The length of each video - normal battery would allow for a total combined video length of 5 - 10 minutes

Volume - how many are you looking to order?


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