What is a talking post card?
It is like any other post card in size - that is where the similiarity ends. On a talking postcard you record your message - NOT write it. You squeeze the record button and while holding it in, you record your message. The person receiving the card pushes play and hears your message.

Can I record my own message?
You have 10 seconds to record your own message. If you do not like what you said, you have the option to record over the message again and again until you like it.

How long is the message?
The longer the message, the more the cost. Most are 5 and 10 second messages. We can go up to 30 second or 60 second if you have the budget to support that length of message. The talking card factory can offer you any length of message you may wish in everything from post cards to talking brochures, business cards and talking magazine ads.

What if someone changes my message as it is being sent through the mail? There is a switch on the card. Once you activate this switch to the "off position", no one can record over your message.

Why would I want to send a talking post card?
You can leave a personalized message for your guest or client or you may send this card so a loved one can hear your voice anytime they wish (at the press of a button).

What applications could I use this technology for in my business?
For the Restaurant trade they may be mailed out to people on a mailing list for special events or buy one - get one free discount. As they bring the cards back in, you change the message and mail them back out for a second promotion. Leave one in the room of your guest at a hotel/motel or a bed and breakfast. Place them on the table at a convention or in the delegate's kits. For a new product or a new business, announce your idea in a way that will stay in the minds of the public forever.

I have a gift shop / flower shop - would these cards be good for me? We have a wholesale price list with better breaks for volume purchases. The more you order, the better the pricing we can offer you. If you would like your own image on the front, we will assist you in doing this as well. Contact our office if this is the case.

Is there a minimum order? If you want your own "customized" talking post card, the minimum order is 5000.

How much do these cards weigh? The cards weigh 31 grams as they have a foam core to offer stiffness while reducing weight.

How much does it cost to mail them? It will cost $0.96 (or two postage stamps) to mail each card in Canada due to the fact that these cards have 4 batteries, a record and play button and a speaker (which make for a thicker card). All of this electronics adds to the thickness. This 3/8" thickness is just over the allowable thickness in Canada Post for a $0.46 mailer.

Are they safe to ship in the mail? Yes, our test cards held up well being shipped through Canada Post.

Can I get a custom picture on the front if I order a large volume? Yes, in orders of 5000 we will offer you your own post card with whatever graphics you would like on both the front and back of the card.

For additional information please contact us 1-250 415 9628 - ask for Dave

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