Sample of a rerecordable talking post card.




Demonstrating that you CAN teach an old talking card new tricks, this new technology presents eye-and ear-catching cards featuring actual recordings that the sender can record.

Many of our clients have asked for a card that they could program themselves - on the spot. So, this one's for you. The concept is much like our Voice Cards. The primary difference is that this post card allows you to program a message of your own - on the spot. These 10-Second Self-Programmable Voice Post Cards can't be beat for instant leave-behinds, classy follow-ups and personalized thank you's.

Welcome to the World of Talking Technology. You may record over the old message hundreds of times or click a switch and save your message so no one may record over it on it's way to your destination.

Two things are missing from advertising - sound and motion… we bring you both. These talking post cards are the talk of the town and are among the variety of talking cards available to your business.

Talking cards want to make a big impression. Sometimes there's no better way to say it. Use the magic of talking voice chips to educate, explain, persuade, and convince your customers about the superb benefits of your products and services or simply use them as a talking post card.

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