INVITE someone to a Tradeshow, Grand Opening, Anniversary or Party! Have Them Talking Even BEFORE the event!

Place a post card of your hotel on the front and record a message using the first and last name of your guests. Mention to the guest that additional talking cards are available for purchase in your gift shop.

Bed and Breakfast
A wonderful welcome awaits your guests as they push the play button and receive a personalized welcome and we hope you enjoy your stay message. You could have a post card of your bed and breakfast with several small pictures depicting your hospitality as well as what makes you different.

Small Business
Sometimes there's no better way to say it. Use the magic of talking voice chips to educate, explain, persuade, and convince your customers about the superb benefits of your products and services.

Direct Mail
Imagine offering a customer a special offer for a free meal through a talking post card. You get regular customers back and create many new ones. The bonus is you will have both talking about your establishment and the post card that just made them the offer when it actually talked to them. Let them know that you have these post cards for sale before they leave..

Retail Shops
Flower shops, gift stores and specialty boutiques may purchase wholesale and sell retail

A talking post card in the delegate package would be a nice touch this year. You could record each message personally using the person's name or produce a card that has the same message. Either way a sure hit at any meeting. There could be additional sales generated by selling additional cards to delegates as a talking post card.

Fund Raising
Your group or organization could sell these unique talking post cards to raise funds for a special project or event. The bonus is that they will never go out of style allowing you to continue to sell throughout the year.

Your own ideas
This talking technology is so unique that we are sure you and your business can make use of it to generate increased awareness and sales for your product or service. We will assist you in making your promotion a success and look forward to the opportunity.

We're all just people. People who happen to like special treatment. The kind of wonderful little touches that seem to have vanished along with the neighborhood grocery store.

Our talking post cards deliver results because they fill a business need: In the hectic, computer-driven world of work, they're a time-out. A form of communication as personal as you can get, second only to a face-to-face meeting.

And even more important, they make people smile and show several others. This approach can work for you.

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